About Us

Oh my! It is so hard to write about myself, but I guess it all starts with my childhood, I have always been a crafty little gal. I remember when my parents first gave me the Childcraft Encyclopedias, you know the ones, and my favorite one was #11, Make and Do. I would search and search that book for things to do.. always improvising if I didn’t have the right tool or supply. I remember when I got to the Paper Mache projects… ask my parents what they thought of that when I was done! :)

It was funny the first time I noticed that my creative gene was a perfect match for Tim. He is a DIY kinda guy as well, repairing and remodeling our home by himself. Its funny because most guys just do what the gal tells them to do, but not Tim. He has his own eye, and if he wants something done one way, he will do it that way, even if I don’t. Over the years, I have learned that I can usually trust his eye!

The idea for reclaiming furniture came when I started my photography business. I was always bringing chairs, old doors, windows, anything antique-y home for him to fix. I started bringing larger pieces home and he watched me try, and fail over and over. He would laugh, bring up my failures from time to time, crack a few jokes… but I finally figured it out. See, I LOVE crafts, but I am a very instant gratification type of gal. I like smaller projects that I can start and complete in a short amount of time. So I would bring these large pieces of furniture home, and try to buzz right through it so I could start on my next. Tim is the exact opposite. He loves projects that he can start, and work on for a few days or weeks. So we now have a mutual agreement.. I leave the bigger projects up to him, and I take on the smaller! :)

We want our reclaimed art to be lush, beautiful and elegant for your home. And, of course we want them to be creative and unique as well.

So our mission is to create pieces that are pleasing to the eye, warm to the heart, and unique to your home!